About Us

Robert Abston, CEO and Founder of Florida Media Labs has been a computer programmer for over 3 decades. His dream is to foster a richer experience for all whose generations follow oursĀ  by providing a career-based learningĀ  experience, teaching technologies that are in high demand regardless of the income level of a child’s family.


Florida Media Labs offers a low-cost, high-quality, on-line education. We work with our students to find sponsors from the business community whose contributions cover the tuition and supplies costs associated with our programs. We also have a cybercafe located at 200-B South Hwy. 27 in Minneola, FL where students can use the computer resources located there.


If you own or manage a company, please call us at 407-610-9000 so that we can explain the exciting sponsorship opportunities available to our local business community. Sponsoring a student and watching his or her journey toward an exciting new career can be a rewarding experience for all involved.