Florida Media Labs

Florida Media Labs is a 501(c)3 corporation. Our mission is to provide systemically disadvantaged youth with career skills that offer the opportunity to acquire a 21st century jobs and middle class lifestyles.

These skills and fields of endeavor include:

  • iMedia (blogging, podcasting, livestreaming, and online journalism)
  • iMarketing (web-based messaging, audio and video production)
  • Computer Programming / Website Development

If you know of a young man or woman who lacks the resources to enter college, but has the ambition to learn a new skill that can propel him or her to a brighter future, please let us know by calling:

Florida Media Labs      407-610-9000.

We can guide you through the application process and start you on your journey to a rewarding career. These are online courses and students may use the computer resources in our cybercafe (soon to be opened).

Call us at (407) 610-9000